Library of Things

The Library of Things is a collection of non-traditional library items--"Things"--you can check out, just like a book! This collection complements the Marion Public Library’s mission to ignite possibilities through personal life experiences.

Library of Things Guidelines:
  • To check out a "Thing," you must have a Metro Library Card in good standing (fines under $20).
  • "Things" must be placed on hold by calling the Library as well as booking an appointment for pick-up and returned to the checkout desk at the Marion Public Library. They cannot be placed in a book drop, Hy-Vee drop box, or returned to another library.
  • "Things" check out for 14 days.
  • There are no renewals.
  • You can only check out one "Thing" at a time (one set per library card).
  • To place a "Thing" on hold, please stop by the Marion Public Library or call 319-377-3412.

Please take care of "Things" and return them in the same condition you got them. You are responsible for any damaged and/or missing pieces. The Marion Public Library will do our best to provide clean and fully functional equipment, but we cannot provide extensive technical or mechanical assistance. If you encounter any unforeseen hardware or software failure, please bring the "Thing" to our checkout desk and describe the problem(s) you experienced.

Library of Things Inventory:

Click on a picture to see what's included.


Fort Building Kit

Ghost Hunting Kit Hover Soccer Ball Jumbo Jenga Game Play Impossible Gameball

Stainless Steel Punch Bowl and Ladle Therapy Lamp Ukulele Set Trekking Poles Wonderboom 2 Speaker


Chess Set and Instruction Book

Google Cardboard Glasses:

Access virtual reality experiences using a smart phone.

There are 10 pairs set aside for classroom use and 10 pairs available for individual use. To check out a pair or classroom set, you will need to stop by the library to fill out a form.