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Young Adult Holiday Reads: 'Tis the Season!
  With the Thanksgiving holiday in our rearview mirror, it's time to break out the holiday books! Here are a few young adult holiday books to get you in the mood for this festive season. All these books can be found within the Metro Library Network. 
Posted: Nov 28, 2018
No Need to Panic About Thanksgiving
It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is this Thursday.  If you’re like me, it’s caught me off-guard and scrambling to make a menu. No worries if you’re fresh out of ideas or want to add new dishes to your traditional Thanksgiving meal. Why? Whether you are having a large family meal, a Friendsgiving, or just an intimate dinner for two, the Marion Public Library has plenty of cookbooks to help you craft the perfect-for-you Thanksgiving meal.
Posted: Nov 19, 2018
The Library Book by Susan Orlean
If you’re going to read (or listen to) a non-fiction book this year, make it The Library Book by Susan Orlean. It’s one of my favorite books of 2018, and I’m sure you will love it, too.
Posted: Nov 15, 2018
Monday's Not Coming
Monday's Not Coming by Tiffany Jackson Monday Charles is missing and no one seems to notice except her best friend Claudia. Girls of color go missing every day in D.C., and few of the adults in Claudia's life are concerned about Monday's absence. Claudia makes it her mission to find Monday with or without anyone's help.
Posted: Nov 13, 2018
Research Your Family Military History
Fold3 is one of our newer online resources. This resource will let you discover your family’s military past. It works a lot like, but has a lot more military information. There are instructional webinars, Fold3's YouTube play list, and more to help you get started. You can browse Military Records by War or by military service as well as by name. Draft registration cards are available. There is also information on the USS Arizona Memorial, the US Honor Wall, and the US Vietnam Memorial.
Posted: Nov 8, 2018
Change is the only constant, for all of us. Here at the Marion Public Library, this truth is no different.  Have you visited us recently and found a chair in a different spot? Have you noticed that some of our displays have changed spaces? There's a reason for that and we want to talk about it.  We manage a collection of books, videos, reference materials and more. We're also constantly curating the Library to fit YOU!  What does that mean? 
Posted: Nov 6, 2018
dog on it
When I heard the premise of Dog On It by Spencer Quinn, I was skeptical. A down-on-his-luck private detective, Bernie, and his faithful dog, Chet, solve crimes together—and the dog narrates the story. It sounded cheesy to me. Even when it got good reviews, I didn’t bite. Finally, my Aunt read it and really liked it, so I gave it a try. I only regretted I had waited so long to read it. I’ve now read 4 out of 7 books in the ongoing series.
Posted: Nov 6, 2018
If you’re a fan of the spooky, I’ve got a fun read for you. Favorite stories from the podcast Lore are now available in book format. The World of Lore: Dreadful Places takes you around the world in search of those folktales, local legends, and famous ghost stories that can send a shiver down your spine.
Posted: Oct 30, 2018